I've dated all the boys.

I was in the kitchen making dinner tonight when I heard my roommate and her boyfriend chatting in her room. That's when it hit me. I immediately stopped cooking, found her on Facebook, and searched her friends list. It was confirmed: her boyfriend was my first Bumble date, several months ago.

I thought he looked familiar when I met him. He's at my house practically every time she's home, and I've lived here for over a month. How did I not see it before??? Then again, he's never said anything either. Does he recognize me? Time will tell. I feel like I can't just announce that I've all of a sudden realized we went on a date. The timing has to be right. Translation: I can't just come out and say it when she's sketching out wedding rings or they're making out. But also if I don't say something soon, I feel like that's weird too. I really thought my days of running into people I've gone on dates with ended when I moved to Salt Lake. In Provo it was pretty common for me to run into multiple people a day that I had gone out with, but Salt Lake was my fresh start. Or so I thought.

Moral of the story: Be nice to everyone you go on dates with, because you never know if you'll end up living with their next girlfriend?  Or maybe the real moral of the story is I've gone on too many dates. I quit. But not really because I already have a date set up for this week.


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